Information relevant to assessing the fitness of Donald Trump to be President of the United States.

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Mr. Trump has said and done things over the years that many feel are relevant to determining whether he ought to be nominated for or elected as President of the United States of America.

The purpose of this website is to collect many of those items in summary form along with citations to the sources for those items.


Trump has been very open about playing to people's fantasies. This is what he had to say in his The Art of the Deal:

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Of course, when someone is skilled at playing to my fantasies, I'm at risk of being played.

Trump always describes things in terms of superlatives, e.g., biggest, best, largest, etc., even if it is not true. For example, he told Rolling Stones magazine that his airplane was bigger than Air Force One, and he's tweeted that his International Hotel is the tallest building in Las Vegas, both of which are not true.

So when Trump says "truthful hyperbole" it sometimes just means there's a grain of truth somewhere in his statements, i.e., he does have a large plane and he does have a tall building.

Trump has also been very upfront about the benefit of being outrageous just for the news value of it.

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Between his preference for ignoring facts and fondness for sensationalism, it can be hard to determine what the facts are or what Trump's real positions are. In other words, caveat emptor (buyer beware) is a wise policy when listening to Trump.

For examples of Trump's truthfulness or lack there of, see the Whoppers page on this site.