Information relevant to assessing the fitness of Donald Trump to be President of the United States.

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Business Fails

Trump tries to present an aura of invincibility and success. In fact he has failed a number of times, including the following list. (The four bankruptcies are listed under Litigation.)

  1. This luxury travel search engine powered by Travelocity, started in 2006, shut down a year later.
  2. Trump Airlines. Trump purchased Eastern Air Shuttle, tried to change it to luxury experience. Failed, Trump defaulted on loans, company turned over to creditors.
  3. Tour de Trump. Touted as a potential Tour de France, Trump's bicycle tour opened in 1989, and due to financial problems Trump sold it to The DuPont Corporation who eventually had to shut it down.
  4. Trump Ice. This bottled spring water is no longer available, although the bottled water in his casinos and hotels are labeled Trump Natural Sprint Water.
  5. Trump Magazine. Launched in 2007 the magazine was to tapp "into a rich cultural tapestry. It ceased publication a year and a half later.
  6. Trump Mortgages. Trump started Trump Mortgage in 2006, just before housing bubble burst. Despite predictions it would be the number one home-loan lender it closed doors about a year and a half later.
  7. Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino. Trump Entertainment has been trying to sell for years, closed it before Trump announced his candidacy to avoid taxes. (See also bankruptcies in Litigation page.)
  8. Trump Steaks. Featured in June 2007 Sharper Image, Trump Steaks was going to deliver the "world's greatest" steaks. Since closed down.
  9. Trump Tower, Tampa. 52-story luxury apartment project went bust, investors sued Trump who claims it was only a licensing arrangement, he wasn't really the developer.
  10. Trump University. Opened in 2005, the unaccredited university charged students to teach them about real estate. The New York AG sued Trump alleging fraud. There are also student class actions outstanding.
  11. Trump Vodka. Supposed teatotaller Trump introduced Trump Vodka in 2006 as "Success Distilled." No longer in production.
  12. Trump: The Game. Introduced in 1989 in conjunctin with Milton Bradley the game was supposed to sell 2,000,000 units but fell far short. Re-introduced after The Apprentice. The 2004 version had a six-sided dice, when the one with "T" on it comes up, player can steal from another player.

Stock Analyst Fired. Trump can be very thin-skinned when criticized for losing. When stock analyst Marvin Roffman accurately predicted in the Wall Street Journal that Trump's Taj Mahal would fail after it opened, Trump had him fired from his job at a brokerage house. Roffman sued and Trump settled. This is an excerpt of Roffman's prediction: "When this property opens….he [Trump] will break every record in the book in April, June and July. But once the cold winds blow from October to February, it [the Taj] won’t make it…the market just isn’t there.”"

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Trump Business Fails

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